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----------------------------------Yakamoz is software to control computers with remote control units (RCUs). It is intended to be a replacement for the hcx scripts.Features:------------------------------------------------\- IR Receiver\- Can work as daemon\- Can work on 64bit as well as 32bit machines\- Can run on Arch Linux as well as Debian based distributions\- Exposes the IR devices via udev\- Supports.sh script for handling events\- Exposes the infrared devices via udev (by Jakub Prouza and Marek Vozniak)\- Supports Mezzo, Ice Power, iButton and iButton 3.x protocol\- Can work with many other protocols\- Can redirect the output of the remote control to a file\- Can redirect the output of the IR receiver to a fileInstallation:------------------------------------------------1) Install2) Add the following line to /etc/rc.localsu -c "yakamoz -b ir -i /dev/ttyUSB0 -o /mnt/usb_ir_output -n /mnt/usb_ir_input & " rootlog out and login as root again3) Create a symlink to the bin-folder at /usr/binln -s /usr/share/yakamoz/yakamoz.sh /usr/bin/yakamoz4) Add a "chmod +x" to the filechmod +x /usr/bin/yakamoz5) Run "/usr/bin/yakamoz"Usage:------------------------------------------------1) Write "yakamoz -v" (without quotes) and press "Enter"2) Select one of the protocols (see manual)3) Press "Enter"More information:------------------------------------------------Here is the list of protocols supported by Yakamoz:Irc: Irc-protocol (Based on the specifications of Hauppauge IR Blaster 1.0)Tv: Tv-protocol (Based on the specifications of Hauppauge IR Blaster 1.0)IcePower: IcePower-protocol (Based on the specifications of Hauppauge IR Blaster 2.0)Logitech: Logitech-protocolBelkin: Belkin-protocol (Based on the specifications of Belkin & Haier IR Blaster)iButton: i 08929e5ed8

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